Mason Mingus looking forward to second Snowball Derby

Mason Mingus looking forward to second Snowball Derby

Mason Mingus knows that the nation’s toughest short track race, the Snowball Derby, is just that….tough, no, make that extremely tough. But that is one of the main reasons Mingus, a multi-sport athlete, is looking forward to his second Derby.

Mingus entered his first Snowball Derby knowing the initial goal of just making the race would be tough, After successfully qualifying for the event, he knew that finishing the race and garnering valuable seat time racing against the best short track racers in America would be tough.
Last year, when the checkered flag waved, the Snowball rookie had finished seventh in what many drivers and fans, and Mingus, agree is America’s toughest short track race.

Now, the 17-year-old driver is ready for round two as he prepares for this year’s equally tough Snowball Derby.
“I’ve been looking forward to racing in the Snowball Derby all year,” Mingus said. “It’s a long and exciting event that draws the best of the best from the short track racing world.”

Even after a successful first Snowball Derby, Mingus, who raced in the CRA Super Late Model Series this season, understands he first has to qualify his #811 Call Before You Dig/Diamond Equipment, Inc. Chevrolet.

“We have to put things in order,” Mingus noted. “First we, just like everyone else, have to be successful in qualifying before we can race. We had a good practice at Five Flags this past weekend and hopefully that will help us in our qualifying effort.”

After racing the full CRA Super Late Model season, Mingus’ team, is not only planning on qualifying for the 300-lap event, they believe they have a good chance of winning.

Like Mingus, the crew, headed by veteran crew chief Kevin Gardner, understands that making the race is the first priority.

“Running the full CRA season has definitely helped the team and me prepare for the Snowball,” Mingus said. “Racing in several long CRA events, including the Winchester 400, has helped us better understand how to run the Snowball. We know that the race isn’t won in the first 100 or even 200 laps. Of course finishing last year’s Snowball helped us learn a lot. We have to be patient and be able to overcome adversity if we have to. Five Flags is a trough track. It’s tough on tires, cars, crews and drivers, so we’re taking it one step at a time….practice well, qualify for the race and finish all the laps. If we do that we should have a good finish and also a good chance at winning.”


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