April 2013


We are accepting requests for renewals of reserved seats for the Snowball Derby©. Call the office, Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm central time at 850-944-8400

We will hold your seats from last year until August 1, so renew before that date. […]

Photos from the Pits…

3 Year old Taylor is first to congratulate her dad for winning the Super Stock feature on Friday the 12th. Bubba Winslow got a kiss, and later a trophy for the win.

Ryan Worsham from Niceville is just starting his racing career. He is in 7th grade, can’t drive on the highway, but can […]

7 – Michael Austin

Division: Super Stock

Name: Michael Austin

Age: 47

Hometown: Pensacola

Car#: 7

Years In Racing: 20yrs

Car Owner: Mike Moore

Crew Members: Pamela Austin
Tyler Tassin
Mike Moore
Ed Denison
skip Estridge
Aleck Alford
keith Bonga

Sponsors: Barnes Electric Company
Wise Recycle
Byran D
Ray Palmer
Wyatt G
Pamela Austin

Family: Pamela Austin wife
Jeremy Tassin Son #13
Tyler Tassin son
Alicia Austin Daughter
Stephen Austin Son
Rachel Austin Daughter
Helena Tassin GrandDaughter
Aden Tassin Grandson
Jace Austin […]

31 – Johnny Greene

Division: Sportsman

Name: Johnny Greene

Age: 43

Hometown: Daphne, Al

Car#: 31

Years In Racing: 2

Car Owner: Johnny Greene

Crew Members: Brooke Greene

Sponsors: Intimidator Sportfishing
Global Castings

Family: Ana Greene
Brooke Greene
Bella Greene
John Greene

Job Info: Full time professional Fisherman. Owner and operator of the Charter boat Intimidator in Orange Beach, Al.

Racing Accomplishments: one heat race win and one podium […]