101 – Cameron Berry

101 – Cameron Berry

BerryCameron101MOD(2)Division: Modified

Name: Cameron Berry

Age: 16

Hometown: Arab, Alabama

Car#: 101

Years In Racing: 4

Car Owner: Bruce Berry

Crew Members: Bruce Berry
Shannon Berry
Danny Green
Logan Berry
Angela Berry

Sponsors: Ditto Transmission
Aladdin Estates
Berry Crest Farms Sub-Division
Pass Realty

Family: Shannon Berry – Father
Angela Berry – Mother
Logan Berry – Brother
Cody Brewer – Brother
Bruce Berry – Grand Father
Lillian Berry – Grand Mother

Job Info: Student in High School

Racing Accomplishments: Started Racing in 2011.  Starting in 2013, I have raced a Super Truck and also an Open Wheel/Modified in Huntsville, Montgomery, Pensacola, Mobile, Opp, Nashville & Highland Rim.  In 2014 , I won the “STAR” touring series championship.

Cameron is a second generation racer.  His dad raced for 20 years in most classes including Super Late Models.

Website: [email protected]

Twitter Page:

Facebook Page:

Comments: Our team is actively looking for supporters/sponsors to enable us to continue to grow and hopefully advance to a higher series in the future.

Telephone 256 520-0712 (Bruce)


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