34 – Corey Pitman

34 – Corey Pitman

Division: Bomber

Name: Corey Pitman

Age: 18

Hometown: Pensacola

Car#: 34

Years In Racing: 1 but been working on them since I was 6

Car Owner: Dwayne and Corey Pitman

Crew Members: Dwayne Pitman ,Corey Pitman, Greg Janes, Shanna Ard , Jordan Pitman , Kevin Parker Dayton Sinder , Megan Merideth

Sponsors: KPS Paint and Body , Carter Crane and Riging , Ablaze Metal Fabaction , CP Racing Engines,  Pensacola Racing Fabricators, Davidson Southern Wrecker, GSI Recycling

Family: Dwayne Pitman, Tammy Pitman, Jordan Pitman, Micky Simmons, Lisa Simmons, Chris Pitman

Job Info: Work at Pensacola Racing Fabricators during the summer when not in school and at CP Racing Engines during the summer and at KPS every day after school .

Racing Accomplishments: Started racing this seasson and ran 6 races


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