7 – Michael Austin

7 – Michael Austin


Division: Super Stock

Name: Michael Austin

Age: 47

Hometown: Pensacola

Car#: 7

Years In Racing: 20yrs

Car Owner: Mike Moore

Crew Members: Pamela Austin
Tyler Tassin
Mike Moore
Ed Denison
skip Estridge
Aleck Alford
keith Bonga

Sponsors: Barnes Electric Company
Wise Recycle
Byran D
Ray Palmer
Wyatt G
Pamela Austin

Family: Pamela Austin wife
Jeremy Tassin Son #13
Tyler Tassin son
Alicia Austin Daughter
Stephen Austin Son
Rachel Austin Daughter
Helena Tassin GrandDaughter
Aden Tassin Grandson
Jace Austin Grandson

Job Info: Service Manager Tires Plus 7003 Davis Hwy store

Racing Accomplishments: 2005 Sportsman Champion

Comments: Thanks to The Bryants for having a great place to race!!!! Thanks to Mike Moore for giving me the chance to race this year. Looking forward to a great Year 2013


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