01 – Jason Ward

01 – Jason Ward


Division: Super Stock

Name: Jason Ward

Age: 35

Hometown: Pensacola, Fl

Car#: 01

Years In Racing: 1st Year

Car Owner: Jason Ward

Crew Members: Naomi Ward
Braden Ward
John and Ashley Ward
John and Darlene Ward
Dustin Rowell
Tyler Rowell
Tyler Phillips
Chris Oldenburg
Clint Tolbert
Anthony Lee

Sponsors: Wards Motorsports
Sea Tow
Insurance Land

Family: Naomi Ward
Brietta Ward
Brinlee Ward
Braden Ward

Job Info: Wards Motorsports

Racing Accomplishments: I have only been in a race car 4 times in my life, 3 times this year.

Website: wardsmotorsports.com

Comments: I have wanted to race the snowball Derby since I was kid. I will this year. I am new to the sport but we will give it a great shot and most of all we’ll have a great time. I am looking forward to it and hopefully we will be competitive.


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