90 Minute Grand Prix to Reverse Direction at Mid Break. Saturday 2pm.

You’re Gonna Do What at the Sweat Hogg ?

The 2021 Sweat Hogg Grand Prix is a hybrid enduro with a twist.

Who can pilot their 4 cylinder front wheel drive  car

over a twisting course using part of the speedway, and the rest

through the infield.  Who goes the most laps in 90 minutes wins $1500.

But wait!

Half way thru the 90 minutes, all stops and then resumes driving

in the opposite direction.  A real fun enduro experience.

Starting order set by drawing, no advance practice, at least here

at the speedway.

Pits open at 11, racing at 2pm.  $100 car entry fee.

Free to watch in the grandstands.  $25 pit admission.

MAV-TV is recording it for showing later.


Here is more….

Attention Sweat Hogg Entrants!

Earn an extra $150 Winners Bonus by sending us your entry no later than midnight, Tuesday, March 16th. (email to [email protected] or fax to 850-944-8409). Entry Fee may be paid day of race, but entry form required early to receive Bonus. An additional $100 Winners Bonus is available to entries who post pictures of their ride on the FFS FB page. SHGP now $1750 possible to win!! Remember to invite all your Fan Club Members, lol, Grandstand Admission is FREE…