A Look at Santa Rosa School Supt. Candidate with 5 Flags Ties

Mike Thorpe: From Crew Chief to School Chief?


Milton’s Mike Thorpe has been around race cars for decades.  His brothers, Keith and Doug and uncle Ken all turned laps here at 5  Flags.  Mike has been along side working in the pits turning wrenches and changing tires.


At the same time Mike has been advancing his career in public education.  A classroom teacher in Santa Rosa County, principal at Milton High, and now an administrator for the district. His title is Director, Inservice and Instructional Technology.


He was awarded the 2015 Innovative Principal of the year for the State of Florida after moving Milton High from a D school to an A rating  in his first year.


Now Mike has entered another race…a political race. 


Mike is a candidate for Santa Rosa School Superintendent in the 2020 election.  The current superintendent, Tim Wyrosdick is retiring, and Mike is looking to be elected to that position.


Best wishes Mike!