All You Need To Know About Friday’s Kids Bike Races

Bike Race Procedures

    All participants must register and have a helmet in order to participate.

Registration will be inside main grandstand gate at  the sign-in booth.

    Each rider will be issued a number plate. Bikes will be staged in designated area by age group.

    At designated time, 5 & under group will be escorted down front sidewalk and enter track at the flag stand gate. This group will proceed to turn 4 area starting line. The 6 thru 9 group will then       enter the track and be staged next to the outside wall from the start finish line towards turn 4. At the same time, the 10, 11, &  12 group will be staged on the front sidewalk.

    The 5 & under group will then race to finish line. At the  conclusion of each race, the participants will return to the registration area, where they will turn in their number plate,

    (please do not tear number plates off, please untie, we reuse     them)

and receive their trophy and a ticket for ice cream. These tickets are redeemable at the main grandstand entrance registration table.

          The 6 thru 9 group will line up at start finish line. The race will be one complete lap around the track. During this race, the 10 thru  12 group will move onto track and stage next to outside wall.


          No riding bikes in grandstand area, all bikes must be parked until the time your called for your race.