Demolition Derby is soon, Time to get ready!

Is Your Demo Derby Car Getting Ready? 

$1,500 to win! Friday August 2nd.


All you need is a car and desire to crash into other cars.  No trucks or SUV’s

Just passenger cars with glass removed, doors and gas tank secured, and a few

Other rules you will find here on our web site:


Here they are:


No Trucks, SUVs, Limos, or Hearses


  1. All cars must be stripped of all glass, body molding, and all exterior lighting. The interior and trunk area must be cleaned of anything that could injure driver during derby.


  1. May have boat type fuel tank, which must be securely mounted behind driver’s seat. 5 gallons of fuel maximum.


  1. Battery may be relocated. Must be secured and covered.


  1. The radiator must remain in stock location.


  1. All doors must be chained, welded, or wired closed to prevent from opening during the Derby. Metal straps can be welded to the door seams with a 3 in wide X 1/8 thick max.


  1. Trunks must remain open for inspection and Chained after. Trunks must remain empty.


  1. No adding of metal to any frame, body or suspensions allowed, except driver’s door which may be reinforced for safety. No reinforcement of front end, rear end, radiator support, fenders or anywhere on car. Any rust patching on body panels are subject to tech officials’ approval. Frame may not be altered in any way and NO trailer hitches allowed.


  1. No doubling of body panels allowed, no added metal allowed. Rusted out holes in your floor sheet metal may be patched where components will be mounted or for drivers safety, sheet metal only. No other sheet metal patching is allowed unless it is a safety issue. You may not patch clean and solid floors.


  1. Transmission must remain stock.


  1. Rear Ends must be stock to year of car.


  1. All drivers will use DOT approved helmet and use seat belts at all times. Shoes and pants are required.


  1. All cars must have working brakes.
  2. Only one person per car allowed at the tech booth area when cars are being teched. This rule will be strictly enforced.


  1. Driver must were helmet, seat belt and eye protection at all times.


  1. Drivers must remain in the vehicle with helmet, seatbelt and eye protection on until notified by an official that it is safe to exit the vehicle.


  1. All vehicles must have a fire extinguisher mounted within the drivers reach, inside the car.


  1. Driver’s door hits are illegal. If the hit is deemed by the official to be careless or intentional, you will be disqualified.


  1. No hot rodding in the pits. Keep it at an idle.


  1. Any open door or fire will be cause for disqualification