Emerald Coast Electrathon Classic 120 Set for Five Flags Speedway

Each year, a competition of high school and college students exploring the limits of electric car technology is held here at 5 Flags.  It is the Emerald ElectrothonCoast Electrathon Classic 120. Vaughn Nichols of Gulf Power, the event organizer gives us this update:

Below are links to the registration form and the schedule for the day. We currently have teams that have said they are coming from California, Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia and of course Florida. Please fill out your team forms and send back to me at this email so we can start compiling the list of teams and cars. WE COULD HAVE OVER 25 CARS THIS YEAR! There is no cost to the team to compete. Lunch will be cooked and provided by the Engineering society for all registered team members, teachers and advisors. There is also a race at Five Flags the Friday night before our race. If you are interested I attending and showing off your car please let me know. Several motels, hotels and restaurants are located at the I-10 and Pine Forest Road exit. If you plan to stay at the beach be aware it is spring break and the rates will be higher. Still you may want to go see our sugar white sand for it is like sugar. The Blues Angels home base is Pensacola and we have the naval aviation Museum on NAS Pensacola where you have over 5 acres on naval history under roof as well as the fight academy for students and the IMAX theater.

Five Flags Speedway is a half mile oval track with 15 degree bank turns. This track will test the design and endurance of your car not necessarily
your driving skills. The track has been designed to safely race 3,000 pound cars at speeds up to 100 MPH. Gulf Power’s Engineering Society has chosen to hold only one race a year but have it at a location where safety is the number one priority for the drivers, pit crews and spectators. This is a
STEM educational event and we want all participants to learn from the competition and leave the same way they arrived at the track but with the
power of more knowledge. We expect all teams to compete in an educational and competitive manner but also with a safe and responsible attitude. Most of these cars will not exceed speeds over 45 MPH because aerodynamics can be a factor especially if you want to finish each one of the 60 minute races.  Yes the Classic 120 is 2 – 60 minute races where the total laps completed in both races are added together for the final awards. As with all Electrathon races if you have not crossed the finish line when the 60 minute mark is up you are given 2 minutes to reach the finish line for that last lap be counted. Sad note for your batteries if the turtle is ahead of you. In this year’s race if your speed drops to where you could be a danger to the rest
of the field you could be flagged into the pits. All drivers will be required to attend the driver’s meeting prior to the start of each race.

This year we will have two main fields of competition – High School and Open. If you plan to run advanced batteries at our race let me know ASAP.  Most cars are running the lead acid but I do know there may be one in central Florida running Lithium.

The driver forms must be filled out and signed by a parent if younger than 18 years of age because you are called a minor. We need the original forms
when you report however you need to email/ fax your forms for prior approval to speed you through check in and getting onto the track. All team members will be required to sign the K and K Insurance forms to be allowed on the in-field during the race events. All current 2015 Electrathon America (EA) design and racing requirements must be met in order to compete on the race track plus you must be a member of EA. All must sign the insurance and fill out new driver forms even if you have done so in another racing organization. These forms only cover the incoming race and not a racing season as if you were in a race club. We need your team listings as soon as possible to start planning the lunch as well as the inspections and race. If we have over 25 cars we may have to equip each car with a transponder to keep up with the laps and times. We need to know how many cars you plan to bring ASAP in order to acquire a counting system, if needed.

If you want to see past races and finishes go to our website at

Look forward to seeing all of you in just over a month. If there are teams in your area interested in coming hand out the information and have them get in touch with me.

Thanks everyone!

R. Vaughn Nichols, Jr.

R. Vaughn Nichols, Jr.
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