A Message to our fans…

Saturday Update:

 It has been a tough few days here in Pensacola. 

Hurricane Sally has left an impact on our community.

Kudos to all the Power Company workers who are working around the clock to restore the comforts a lot of us take for granted. There is still a long way to go.

Law enforcement has also done a remarkable job helping facilitate this effort. Our patience has certainly been tested on the roadways and at the gas pumps.

For the most part, people have really pulled together. 

Our racetrack is in need of some repairs.

We have some roof damages to several buildings which we can handle. We’ve just met with our friends from Thorpe Electric and we have developed a plan to repair track lighting.

Downed billboards, broken fencing, downed speakers, and a few other minor issues can be addressed in the coming days.

We are thankful to all who have checked in on us and offered to help. Racing people are the best!

Hope to see you all soon.