New Rules Include Tire Change for Pure Stocks





2021 Rules Update


The 2021 Rules have now been updated, and racers can take note that there have been very minimal changes from last year. The Pure Stock Division will be switching to Hoosier Racing Tires for 2021, utilizing the same 7 inch, 790 tire used by the Sportsman Division.

Competitors will be limited to a maximum of two new tires per event, and after each race event, 2 tires will be impounded from each car, for use at the next event. This also mirrors the tire procedures for the Sportsman Division.

Opening night, February 27th, teams will be allowed to purchase 4 new tires, and the 2 tire limit will be in effect from that point on. The track will keep a selection of used tires, which will be available to competitors who cannot make opening night.

Also tire related for 2021, Outlaw and Pro Truck Divisions will join the Modified of Mayhem Tour in switching to an F70 Hoosier slick. Testing has shown that the F70 is able to maintain speed from week to week better than the previous tire, making for less expensive testing capabilities.

Also of note, in the interest of safety, all divisions will be looking at stiffer penalties for improperly mounted or loose lead ballast. All Division Rules are now listed under DRIVER INFO at