Oh Canada! Artuso Holds on to Qualify for Derby

Jerry Artuso’s hopes to qualify for the 43rd annual Snowball Derby looked bleak.

The Canadian driver made an early move for track position and it appeared costly. Somehow, someway, though, Artuso kept his No. 5 in the top four in Saturday’s last-chance race to punch his Derby ticket.

Scott Hantz got the victory, leading wire to wire in the 50-lap event, but the story was Artuso.

Starting on the outside of Row 2, he shot to second by Lap 4. Shortly after, Artuso paid the price for driving the tires hard as he began to fall off the pace.

Ryan Sieg took over second and Johnny VanDoorn very slowly began to reel in Artuso for third. By Lap 40, Artuso was desperately holding his spot a vicious nose-to-tail battle with VanDoorn and Stephan McCurley.

Instead of practicing patience, McCurley forced his way up to third by Lap 46, jostling VanDoorn in the process.

It was just what Artuso needed to escape.

While VanDoorn responded to get back by McCurley for the final spot before the Hantz took the checkered, Artuso comfortably coasted in third.

Snowball Last Chance Results

(Bold indicates qualified for 43rd annual Snowball Derby)

1. Scott Hantz; 2. Ryan Sieg; 3. Jerry Artuso; 4. Johnny VanDoorn; 5. Allen Karnes; 6. Stephan McCurley; 7. Tyler Roahrig; 8. Tyler Millwood; 9. Ryan Blaney; 10. Heath Hindman; 11. David Rogers; 12. Calvin Martinez