Schedule Set for May 10th Meet The Drivers






Friday May 10th

3:00pm                        Pits Open

5:00pm                        Practice Round 1      O, PT, SP, PS

6:00pm                        Practice Round 2       O, PT, SP, PS

7:00pm                        Meet the Drivers (all cars to front stretch)

7:55pm                        Pre-Race Festivities

8:00pm                       PS Heats (6 Laps)

                                     SP Heats (6 Laps)

                                     PT Heats (6 Laps)

                                     O  Heats  (6 Laps)

                                     PS Feature (20 Laps)

                                     SP Feature (25 Laps)

                                     PT Feature (25 Laps)

                                     O Feature (35 Laps)


O-Outlaw    PT- Pro Trucks    SP- Sportsman    PS – Pure Stocks