Snowball Week Schedule Set,



Snowball Derby Schedule Set 


The detailed schedule for the 52nd Annual Snowball Derby has been finalized, and has been altered slightly from the past 2 years. While the days and times have undergone no changes, some realignments have factored in to this year’s event.  Back by popular demand will be a 4 day racing schedule, with Wednesday Night, December 4th returning the ever popular Green Flag Party to the infield pits. An enhanced Qualifying drawdown will begin at 6pm on Wednesday Night on the PFC Stage, to be followed by live entertainment featuring high energy country rock band Muscogee Ridge.

Thursday will be action packed this year. After an afternoon filled with practice for Snowball Derby Super Late Models and Snowflake Pro Late Models, Thursday Night will begin Snowball Derby racing action and feature 3 big events, including the Pro Trucks, The Dock of Pensacola Beach Sportsmen, and the Lloyd’s Glass Pure Stocks.

Friday will be Country Pleasin’ Pole Night, bringing the most dramatic qualifying session in all of short track racing at 6pm. The fastest 30 Super Late Model cars in the country will be locked in to Sunday’s main event during this event. The night will culminate with always wild Modified of Mayhem 75 Lap Championship race.

Saturday’s schedule will remain as in year’s past, with the exception of the dynamic Faith Chapel Outlaw Division running their 50 Lap SBD event right after the always popular Allen Turner Snowflake 100. Also included on Saturday are the last chance qualifying races for both Snowball and Snowflake cars.

Sunday is Funday as fans arrive early and enjoy the atmosphere that has become “The Snowball Derby Experience”.  Included are a 10am Chapel Service, 12pm noon pre-race activities, and a 2pm Green Flag for the 52nd Annual Snowball Derby.


                                         Wednesday, Dec 4th

9:00              Rig Parking

11:00            SBD & SF Tech Opens

5:00              Cones  up at  SBD & SF Tech Line

6:00              Snowball/Snowflake Qualifying Draw                                                     

8:00             Green Flag Party , Muscogee Ridge Music  on PFC stage in pits.                                             10pm             Pits Closed


                                                Thursday, Dec 5th


8:00                   Pits Open

9:00                   SBD & SF Driver’s Meeting

10:-11:00           SBD Practice

11:-11:45            SF Practice

12:15-1:15          SBD Practice

1:15-2:00          SF Practice

2:-3:00             SBD Practice

3:-4:00             SF Practice

4:30                  Pro Truck, Sportsmen & Pure Stock  Driver’s Meeting

5:-6:30             Pro Truck, Sportsmen & Pure Stock Practice

6:45                  Pro Truck, Sportsmen & Pure Stock Qualifying

7:45                  Pre Race Festivities                                      

8:00                 WCI Pro Truck  50                                                                                                                          Dock  on Pensacola Beach Sportsmen 50                                                                                                    Lloyd’s Glass Pure Stock  35


                                       Friday,  Dec 6th

Country Pleasin’ Sausage Pole Night

8:00                   Pits Open

9:00                   SBD & SF Driver’s Meeting

10:00-10:45       SBD Practice

10:45-11:30       SF Practice

11:30-12:30       Mod Practice

12:00 noon        Tech Closes for SBD & SF Cars                                                                                                                                        SBD Qualifying tires released

1:00                    SBD Practice

2:00                    SF Practice

                           Mods to Pre Qualifying Tech

3:00                    Modified Qualifying (Lock top 28)

                            SBD Cars to Pre Qualifying Tech  (by group)

4:30                     Mod Driver’s Meeting  (in turn 1)

6:00                     52nd Snowball Derby Qualifying

7:45                     Pre Race Festivities

8:00                     Modifieds  of Mayhem SBD 75


                                      Saturday, Dec 7th


8:00                     Pits Open                                                                                                                                   8:30                     Snowflake tires released at Tech

9:00                     SBD & SF Driver’s Meeting

10:00-11:00         Snowflake Practice

11:00-11:45         Outlaw Practice                                                                                                                            11:30                    Snowflake Cars to Pre Qualify Tech by group                                                                            11:45-12:45         Snowball Derby Practice

1:30                     Outlaw Qualifying (Lock in top 28)

2:00                     Snowflake Qualifying (lock top 30)

                             Snowflake Qualifier (50 Laps, transfer 4)

                            Snowball  Qualifier (50 Laps, transfer 4)

                             Outlaws B-Main (if necessary)

6:00                     Outlaws Driver’s Meeting

7:00                     Allen Turner Snowflake 100

                            Faith Chapel Outlaw SBD 50


                                              Sunday, Dec 8th


7:00                 Pits Open (team members only,   Haulers must exit by 9am)

8:00                 Pits Open

9:30                 SBD Driver’s Meeting

10:00               Worship Service

12:00               Engine Warmups Cars to grid

                        Pre Race Festivities Begin

12:30               2019 SBD Class Photo (on stage)

                        Recognition of 2019 Champions

 1:15                Driver Introductions

1:45                 Pre Race Festivities

2:00                 Snowball Derby (300 Laps)